Hello fellow TDC players... This is the TDC alpha website,  at this site you can post in the forums section of the site or you could chat with other TDC players in the chat area.

   In the Forums section you can find a topic titled "Suggestions" in the off topic section of the forums and post suggestions of stuff to add in the upcoming title "The Dark crusade Omega"!!!!!

   But listen to me just going on and on, You might not even know what The Dark Crusade is... The Dark Crusade aka TDC, is a table top rpg, it is kind of like D&D, but not as advance... (you don't need to be a straight A math student to play) but in TDC you must create you're hero, quest through seemingly endless dungeons, and fight through many hordes of orcs, goblins, dragons, gods, and many more monsters in you're quest for ultimate power... So what do ya say, you wanna play?

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